WIP Ma.K. Wave Ketzer

I've already got most of the assembly done on the fella. Nice kit with little fit problems where as others I heard have had. I added some surface details  here and there and and have employed BK's tip with melted glue.
I modified the pilots head gear. I took the hat from the Nitto Gustav pilot, beefed it up to fit the scale and added ear muffs to it.

I have a dark camo scheme picked inspired by this
Messerschmitt. I'll black out the markings as the Germans did for night operations, an idea I got from a the Messerschmitt post SB posted over the weekend.

Check out this web site. There's some really great stuff here for references.


Not much to report on this build except I've almost completely messed it up. I primed it in with Tamiya Gloss, then Tamiya  bare metal hand painted it with Foquil Railroad Colour red primer.

I then did a camo base using Model Master Schokol Adenbraun 143, Schwarzgrau RLM 66 and Dunkelgrun RLM 82. Over that very thined, Vallejo German Cam. Black, Basalt Grey with a thinned German Grey over it. Military green between and over Dunkelgrun RLM 82. The Blue band is

Captain Kirk sent the me the Vellejo paints. The colours are awesome, but I found them challenging to work with on large surface areas, getting the finish the way I want. Kirk recommended, if hand painting I use them on smaller areas.

I've finished chipping and now on to the weathering.

Small weld bead/plate.

I added some weld beads to knee and achilles heel plates as these details do not come with Wave kit. I used the model glue mixed with styrene per BK's tip.

1. With a toothpick, take a dab of the plastic sludge and apply it to the area you want the beads located in. With a clean pick, spread out the dab of glue from the center out to form the shape you want. In this case, I am making a rectangle.

2. After you have a rough shape formed, let sit for a few moments. Then with knife tip as show
n, refine shape then let dry over night.