WIP - Super Ball / スーパーボール / Super Ball

.01 I'm so excited to start my Super Ball, thanks to Lincoln Wright and Jason Eaton for making sure myself and other Ma.k. fans in the US got these awesome kits.

Let me start with how much I love the box. When I was a kid, it was the packaging that peeked my interest in the kits, so I'm glad to see that format used again.

.02 Pretty much fully assembled and almost ready to prime. Added some PE details here....

 And a few down here.

.03 Primed up with Tamiya rattle can Natural Steel and a base coat of thinned Tamiya Flat White.

Next up is an enamel coat.

Approximately two coats of enamel Testors Model Masters Flat White and Sand mixed and thinned.

Last coat of white applied, used a white-yellow wash and now adding markings and decals.

   so, much touching up will be needed!

  Moving right along, got some weathering and
  wash done.

I went with "C"- not because it's my first initial, but because it's off white and outlined in black to pop against the white hatch. It's off the Wave Raptor decal sheet.

I decided to keep the front white with out the red blotch. After toying with the idea for a few days, I decided there might be to much going on with the black tip feet and shoulder armor. Tough though not to put the blotch on.

 then some back here....

I am now seeing some stuff that needs to be cleaned up, so back to scrapping and sanding for a bit.

It is so hot that it took longer than anticipated for the coat to dry and not be
sticky to the touch.


  The weather hasn't made painting easy...

 Thrusters are next along with hoses. Some more  
 tweaking and maybe more chipping...