WIP - SAFS Tukan SAM / オオハシのSAM/ Toucan SAM

.01 Editing
I love the Racoon, Rapoon and Prowler variant profile and function. Having some spare parts left over from the Rapoon I want to start soon, I started this build first. I wanted to come up with my take on a suit that uses the nose piece to track air and ground offensives and employes guided rockets that hone in on signal code signatures or can be laser guided.  In addition, I thought the a suit should be able to phantom Merc forces positions to draw enemy air forces in and scramble their signals and NAV at the same time taking the opportunity to destroy them.
Hence the proposal of two antenna and held rocket launcher (TBD). An other thought I had is the suit should be undectable and able to go longer rages, so as to why I didn't go with th standard SAFS engine.

I have come this far on my own, and now at the point nin the build for some C&C. I think I know what I should do, but still have the idea of how I originally saw the spare parts working with the suit in my head making it difficult to decide which pieces should stay and which should go making the suit "look" it's best.

Disclaimer- I really have no idea what I am talking about technology wise by the way and as many of you can tell, so forgive me for that. Thanks for looking and your valued opinions.

Some 3/4 shots and with "Dope" whip antenna per.
Thanks Lin.K.

Moving right along into painting, I decided to stick with the boomerang antenna. Thanks fellas for your comments. Trying not to rush this due to Super Ball fever sweeping the forum...
With much to do still, decals next- debating over black or white markings....