WIP - PKA H-O/G Trans

WIP - PKA H-O/G Übergang /PKA H-O/G移行 / PKA H-O/G Transition
One of my favorite drawings by Sensei,Kow Yokoyama-san. Maybe someone here knows the "history" of this suit. Should be considering it a Gustav-Melusine transition suit? It looks to me the canopy is clear because the side windows still have the guard rail/bar.I would think that if the windows were armored up; one they wouldn't be shaded to look tinted and different from the rest of the suit. Two, they wouldn't have the guards.

I trolled the web looking for additional drawings, but all I and find is what is in the Model Graphics book.

I started building my interpretation of this sketch and this is where I am at-

I'm back on this build again with a few ideas of how I can interpret the drawing and the best way to go about it. I figured out some things over the months about the shape of the canopy and what might be best used for it.
I came across a
1/48th scale B-17 vacuum-form canopy set and used the nose canopy for the suit's. With a blow dryer I work the shape of it to fit the opening of the PKA HO closer. Sculpt and plastic board strips were brought in to build up the frame of the canopy and the chest of the suit. I joined a Gustav back to a PKA HO front with some minor adjustments. The suit I began with was used for another build as will the cut down Ketzer canopy.

Skinny Bob over on the Ma.K. Forum gave me insight as to what the suit in the drawing might be. Contrary to what I'd thought, it's more likely a Gustav prototype that Yokoyama-San sketched; not a Gustav - Mel trans suit. I'm approaching the build now with this in mind thanks to SB's keen sense. As seen on the right, I'm still interpreting the drawing as well now using Water's build (thanks Francesco)as a reference and
as a reference and borrow details from. I guess I should change the title of the WIP now. ;-)

04. Manned and ready with power
Engine cover worked out, though I'm not convince especially after seeing BK Nitto Gustav's cover.
But I'm going with it. Maybe after it's painted it won't bother me. Also, I'm removing the nut and bolts from the cover and use recessed screws for a cleaner look.

Pilot and cockpit are done.

Just touch-ups while I wait on the clear side windows from a Hughes 500 kit, then I'll close it up by fixing the canopy and top to the body to start painting.

05. Primed and ready for paint
I'm not particularly happy with the side windows. I think I just got lazy. If I were to do this  over again I'd follow  Andreas' advice and build up a frame around the windows for a better fit, or do what David's done with his Moon PKA; use a 500MD kit. And then there is always Pink Tank's PKA H-O. I'm still figuring out the paint scheme and to id or not to id.

I scored another Ketzer; I'm sacrificing the canopy for this NITTO kit!
Unfortunately, I'm having trouble building up the canopy frame (noted with the arrows. I cut the side from a spare Gustav torso and thought at first I'd use some thin styrene strips with the cut sides. Not so good. Then thought of using just putty, but it won't be even. Sculpting and sanding it could damage the canopy even if i tape it up. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
I think I am going to flip the canopy so the "bump it closer to the top than toward the bottom- it will be closer to the sketch.

.03 Day or night operations proto suit?
Small update- almost ready for priming and pining the cockpit and pilot. That all needs to be done first before I can get to painting up the exterior. I'm gonna use the PKA-H pilot for this one.

Question- Is Yokoyama-San's drawing of a night fighting proto suit?

Upon closer inspection of his drawing, there seems to be an antenna on the roof toward the back as seen on a Gucker. I originally took it as a sensor - another reason I thought it was a Gustav-Mel trans. Water's interpretation uses the Maybach580 TRMn motor refrigerator shield and roof antenna. To the left, Yokoyama-San's sketch barley shows the back or the engine shield, only a sliver of a profile is revealed and it seems squared off at the bottom, like the housing seen on standard issue Gustav. However, it is too far up. Additionally, where the exhaust pipe might be, the shape in the drawing could be interpreted as the exhaust box seen on the Gucker and Nixe.

Below is a comp pic of a Gustav
and the PKA Tran. The suits are positioned slightly at the same angle as how I'm seeing the sketch of the suit's angel. The Gustav has the motor refrigerator shield and the PKA Trans suit has the standard 580 cover. I'm interested to hear what you think.

At this point I am considering going with night fighting trans suit or duel role- night/day fighting suit- "You can fight all day and, in the evening, fling on a string of pearls and you're ready for formal wear!"- Adrian Cronaeur