Walter Pezzali's 1/20 scale all resin kit, Ameise Robotic T.370 "ESEL"

Walter Pezzali's 1/20 scale all resin kit, Ameise Robotic T.370 "ESEL"

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Walter to build one of his fantastic Futuristic robots. The line of kit designed by Walter and produced by Ankama are all 1oo% resin wit some photo etch details. The kits are based on his artwork and inspired by his love for 20th century science fiction.

This is my second resin kit, but my first all resin one. For me, resin kits command a certain respect and level of modeling that until now scared me. They need more TLC than styrene, generally they're a bit expensive and because of my skill level I was hesitant to try my hand fearful of mucking one up. However, Walter's kit finally got me over that. So, if you're like me, have no fear Walter's Esel is here!

The Kits in The Futuristic Robot line come beautifully packaged. The outer box artwork is sure to tickle your mid 20th century sci fi funny bone. The box top alone is worth framing.

Each crisp resin piece is encased in it's own compartment protecting the resin part.The parts are placed in proximity to how it is assembled. Very user friendly. ;)

Center pages of instructions- see how Walter has kept the flow transitioning from the physical layout of the parts.

Here, the kit's instruction cover. I almost wish it said "Assembly and Owner's Manual" because it kinda reminds me of a 1950's power tool or VW Bug owner's manual!

And the back cover showing decal placement, contact info and the kit's production number, 031.

Interesting decals with some nice choices.

I'm blown away by the details, thoroughness and constancy of the kit's contents and look.


                Seems I forgot to take pictures of this step....

Mainly because construction went by so fas, I didn't document it. Minimal cleaning of the parts was required. One seam needed some TLC, but within an hour I was off to prime it! In the future, this kit will put itself together...
Seriously though, the kit is designed to be constructed quickly so the builder can get to painting fast. This was Walter's intentions when he designed it and its packaging.


Primed with one coat of Army Painters Black Primer.

Base coats, between one and three passes all over and in spots as needed: Lacquer Finisher's paint from the Ma.K. colour line, Dunkel Sand Gelb. Kit's treed painted with a mix of Tamiya Metalic Grey and Hull Red. Lower left and right panels with Tamiya Metalic Grey. All paints thinned with Mr Leveler.

*Pre-weathering* and top coat. Applied rust and charcoal pigments mixed with Mr Leveler around bolts and raised panel edges. Over the bases coat, a mixture of Dunkel Sand Gelb and Dark Snow, again from the Finisher's Ma.K. line. ID lines/trim with only Dark Snow. All thinned with with Mr Leveler.

It's been a bit since I last posted progress on this project, but I've been doing some stuff here and there on Esel. I've painted the areas that might be bare metal with Mr. Metal Colour- for instance around the treed and some of the lower plates. With oil paints to match the base coat, I give the model one coat to bring the under coat together. After, I covered the model in an oily slurry wash of Payne's Grey, Burnt Umber, Raw Siana and Green. It's a technique I learned from Max Watanabe the difference is though he uses enamels.

After I've let the slurry oil wash sit for a about 15-20 minutes, I remove it with cotton buds and a flat brush using a downward motion.

Next, I go over the Esel with another coat of oil paint. It's a mixture of Bleached Titanium, Buff Titanium and Yellow Ochre. I work the oil into the surface, spreading it thin.I also work the paint into corners lightening up the darker areas.

Thanks again gents. After another coat of oils and we are almost there. Decals added, not from the kit's offering though. They're from the Oskar and Gustav kits. I've painted this guy up like the box art, but pulled some Ma.K. inspiration too.  Some chipping and another pass with a wash and I'm calling this guy done. He'll be on the next flight back to Japan.  Wink

*Pre-weathering*- Sorta like pre-shading but with "weather" colours. I'm making it up.