WIP - on the Bench with Nitto Jerry

On The Bench With Jerry
08.03.2012- 01. MERC JERRY: Gets a new gun.
The Jerry isn't one of my favorite designs mainly because of the weapon and manipulator. I thought I'd play around with it by capping the manipulator and adding a laser examiner variant.

Beginnings of Laser examiner variant

08.06.2012- 02. MERC JERRY: This or that gun.

Having not been sure of which gun....

08.10.2012- 03. MERC JERRY: Jerry gets a gun.

Thanks to fellow modeler opinions, I've settled on gun #3 positioned lower. Ive added some pe parts here and there. Next priming.


08.13.2012- 04. MERC JERRY: Jerry gets some paint.

I laid down the first layers of paint (colour) using Ma.K. Modelers paint. The white is Dark Snow and the greenish is Dunkel Sand Gelb. Both thinned with Mr. Leveler thinner and obviously applied by brush. Next step is to go in with Tamiya acrylics thinned with Mr. Leveler.

08.16.2012- 05. Merc Jerry: Jerry's Almost Ready For Decals

The lacquer paints were followed by brushing rust pigment thinned with Mr. Leveler in areas of interest. Not a lot, but just in small areas for highlights later under the final coat.

Then over the lacquer coat and planned rust highlights came the Tamiya acrylics in shades more or less the same colour as the base lacquers. The acrylics were thinned with Mr. Leveler and applied in a "dot and pull" motion.

After, oil wash using 1 part Davey's Grey and 1 part Raw Umber. I let it sit for 5 minutes and before removing it in a downward motion.

I let dry what was left by popping it in the oven for 15 minutes at 140F.
*****I have a gas stove that's old. If you try this, do it with a spare piece of plastic to gauge your ovens intensity.*****

After baking, I applied some oils in more or less the same colour for a bit of variation to blend and bring together the acrylic blotches. I see some areas now in the photo that I'll play with before adding decals.

08.18.2012- 06. Merc Jerry: Jerry's decals added and weathering started

Prior to the decals, I added a blue filter using oils. Decals done after and then hand painted over for richness. Then "The Army Painter's" flat coat applied. Interesting texture after using; very "toothy". Did a little blending with oils then started with some streaking and chipping. Some more to do like add the springs and bits, detail the engine with paint and some highlights here and their. Also need to work the legs some more. For the most part though, I think I'm done with washes and filters. Thanks for looking!