Ma.K. Brooklyn Meet Up, 03/17/2012

Great time had by all! Thanks to Judy for the spread and drinks. The bacon bourbon was superb as well as the dip and vodka mixture. Thanks, honey!

Ashley and Judy, with bacon bourbon in hand


Toby, the dog

Georg on the sofa and Neil, beer in hand

Ashley, Kirk and Kevin

In the stash

Gentleman, thanks for making it up (Neil, Georg and Kirk)and down (Kevin) to Brooklyn for the afternoon. Without you're trekking it and participation there wouldn't have been a Ma.K. mixer that ran to about 10:30. It was great to hear from Lincoln at 1:30am who totally cracked me up when he checked in just after Kirk left. He was expecting to hear a bunch of drunk moidering Ma.K'ers in a dirty, dark China town bar.

We drank Australian and Russian beers, Judy's vodka elixir and the coveted bacon bourbon. Ate Brooklyn pizza, laughed a bunch, talked kits, politics and then kits again, looked at Sensei's sketch book (courtesy of Kevin) and pulled out our builds.  We never made it to China town for dinner, which was just as well because I don't think we'd be able to eat or drink much more. However, Kirk, Ash and I did manage to put away calamari, a burger and a few more beers from around the corner.

Neil brought along his friend Georg, who's an armor modeler surely crossing over to Ma.K. very soon. His 1/35 armored vehicle kit bash is inspired by WWI running a course well into the 1960's.

Georg's build

A few Suits

Neil's SAFS with Brick Works Merc mechanic girl

Neil's Ketzer

Kevin's digital camo Mel to the right. Sick work on this build.
Photo's don't do his weathering justice (especially mine).